Sunday, October 2, 2016


In Favor of 3rd Party Voting

How Not To Waste Your Vote: A Mathematical Analysis - Analysis from a math perspective. Mostly defending 3rd party voting. Original inspiration for this blog!

The Two-Party System Has Failed - Libertarian Gary Johnson's pitch.

Why Vote Third-Party? - An energetic, somewhat conspiracy-theory-laden approach.

Against of 3rd Party Voting

Is Gary Johnson Taking More Support From Clinton Or Trump - Analysis based on polling. Also addresses Jill Stein. Results show "Yes" but not by much and the answer isn't stable over time.

There's No Such Thing As A Protest Vote - Argues that, "People who believe in protest votes do so because they confuse sending a message with receiving one."

Why I Will Never Vote Third Party Again - Disaffected former 3rd party voter's POV.

Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No - Overly aggressive, but makes fair points about the need for 3rd parties to build up from a local and state level to prove themselves committed and viable.

Ralph Nader and the 2000 Election

Did Ralph Nader Spoil a Gore Presidency? - UCLA journal paper using statistical analysis of the individual ballots cast by Nader supporters. It concludes, "We find that this common belief [that Ralph Nader spoiled the 2000 presidential election for Gore] is justified, but our results show clearly that Nader spoiled Gore’s presidency only because the 2000 presidential race in Florida was unusually tight."

Nader Elected Bush: Why We Shouldn't Forget - The case against the Green Party.

Debunked: The Myth that Ralph Nader Cost Al Gore the 2000 Election - Another defense with some great analysis of the technical errors and possible legal shenanigans in Florida.

No, Ralph Nader Did Not Hand the 2000 Presidential Election to George W. Bush - A more recent defense, which selectively cites the above UCLA paper as though it proves the opposite point.

Vote Trading, Vote Pacts and Vote Boycotts

Vote Trading - 3rd party voters in battleground states trade votes with Democrat voters in "safe" states. Eliminates "overkill" waste votes while supporting 3rd parties without risking spoilers in tight races.

Vote Pacts - A Democrat and a Republican in your state both agree to vote 3rd party so neither of you can cause a spoiler effect.

Vote Boycott - The protest by not voting option. I would like to see some evidence that this works, if anyone has any?

Political Science and Law Links

Presidential Election Campaign Fund - The frankly confusing Federal Election Commission info on how political parties become eligible for campaign finance matching funds.

The Electoral College Explained - TED-ed video explaining the electoral college in very simple terms.

Problems with the Electoral College - FairVote's analysis.

Instant-Runoff Voting - An first-past-the-post voting. IRV encourages multiple parties with diverse platforms. Used in Australia.

Third Party Platforms

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